The House of York: Part 2

Upon King Edward IV‘s accession, the house of York became England’s new ruling dynasty. Although some stability returned to the kingdom, the War of the Roses wasn’t over yet. As Edward’s reign progressed, the king and his closest ally, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, grew distant. After Edward ignored Warwick’s marriage plans and married an English commoner named Elizabeth Woodville, […]

The House of York: Part 1

The house of York originated in 14th century England as a dukedom. Founded by King Edward III’s fifth son, Edmund, the prince passed on his dukedom to his son, Edward, upon his death in 1402. When Edward died childless, his nephew, Richard, inherited his uncle’s title. Richard later married Anne Mortimer, a descendent of Edward III’s second son, Lionel. This […]

Macbeth of Scotland: The Infamous King

Macbeth’s early life and ancestry are uncertain. It’s believed that he had some royal blood through his mother as a descendent of King Kenneth II. However, it is known that his father was Findlaech, the chief of Moray in northern Scotland. Upon his father’s death in 1031, Macbeth became the next chief. He eventually married Gruoch, a descendant of King […]

Arthur Tudor: The Tragic Prince

Arthur Tudor was born on September 19 or 20, 1486, to King Henry VII of England and Queen Elizabeth. A year before his birth, Henry had fought Arthur’s maternal uncle, King Richard III, for control of the English throne. On August 22, 1485, both men’s forces clashed at the Battle of Bosworth Field during the final phase of the War […]

Otto III: The Ambitious Emperor

Otto III was born in July 980 to Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and Empress Theophano. Otto’s grandfather, Emperor Otto I, had established the Ottonian dynasty after his coronation in 962. As the emperor’s only son, the young Otto was groomed as his father’s heir. Three years after Otto’s birth, the emperor had his son elected German king. When Otto […]