Scottish people and events during the European Middle Ages.

Alexander III of Scotland: The Golden King

Alexander III of Scotland was born on September 4, 1241, to King Alexander II and Queen Marie de Coucy. As his father’s only son, the prince became heir upon his birth. Unfortunately for Alexander, he didn’t get to enjoy his childhood for long. At the young age of seven, the prince became king after his father’s death on July 6, […]

Macbeth of Scotland: The Infamous King

Macbeth’s early life and ancestry are uncertain. It’s believed that he had some royal blood through his mother as a descendent of King Kenneth II. However, it is known that his father was Findlaech, the chief of Moray in northern Scotland. Upon his father’s death in 1031, Macbeth became the next chief. He eventually married Gruoch, a descendant of King […]

Robert III of Scotland: The Pitiful King

Robert III of Scotland was born around 1337 as the eldest son of Robert Stewart. Christened John, the future king descended from King Robert I through his maternal grandmother, Marjorie. In 1362, John joined his father in a rebellion against his great-uncle, King David II. The revolt failed, and the king imprisoned John. Despite John’s attempt to overthrow him, David […]

Margaret of Scotland: The Saint Queen

Margaret of Scotland was born around 1045. A member of England’s ruling dynasty, the Anglo-Saxons, Margaret’s grandfather was King Edmund II. Instead of inheriting the throne, Margaret’s father, Prince Edward, would be exiled to Hungary. While in exile, Edward married Princess Agatha and had three children: Edgar, Margaret, and Cristina. The prince’s fortunes later improved after being recalled to England […]

James III of Scotland: The Inept King

James III of Scotland was born in May 1452 to King James II and Queen Mary. During the siege of Roxburgh Castle in August 1460, the king died after one of his cannons exploded. Upon his death, the eight-year-old James succeeded his father. Since he was too young to rule, his mother became regent. Although her husband had died, Queen […]