French people and events during the European Middle Ages.

Charles VIII of France: The Foolish King

Charles VIII of France was born on June 30, 1470, in Amboise, France. The only surviving son of King Louis XI, Charles became his heir at birth. As the prince grew, he experienced bad health and proved to be a poor student. To add to his misfortune, Charles inherited his father’s ugly features. However, unlike Louis, the prince had an […]

Philip V of France: The Capable King

Philip V of France was born in 1293 to King Philip IV and Queen Joan. As the couple’s second son, Prince Philip wasn’t expected to inherit the French throne. Instead, it would go to his elder brother, Louis. Despite his standing, the king gave his son political power as the Count of Poitiers in 1311. Until the age of 21, […]

Louis X of France: The Stubborn King

Louis X of France was born on October 4, 1289, to King Philip IV and Queen Joan of Navarre. Philip idolized his grandfather, Louis IX, and named his eldest son in his honor. During his reign, the king became known for his iron will. Philip brought about the downfall of the Templar Order, won a power struggle against Pope Boniface […]

Philip III of France: The Bold King

On April 3, 1245, Philip III of France was born to King Louis IX and Queen Margaret in Poissy, France. As the king’s second son, Philip wasn’t intended to inherit the French throne. However, upon his older brother Louis’s death in 1260, the prince became the new heir. During his reign, King Louis had gained a reputation as a respected […]

The Battle of Crecy

The Battle of Crecy originated on February 1, 1328, with King Charles IV of France’s death. Since the king died without leaving behind a son, the Capetian dynasty ended. As a result, the question of succession arose amongst the French. After much debate, the succession came down to Philip of Valois and King Edward III of England. Philip of Valois […]