Portuguese people and events during the European Middle Ages.

Sancho I of Portugal

Sancho I of Portugal was born on November 11, 1154, in Coimbra, Portugal. The first legitimate surviving son of King Afonso I, the prince became his father’s heir. Fifteen years before his birth, Afonso established Portugal as an independent kingdom. However, Portugal’s independence remained at risk. To secure his kingdom against neighboring Leon and Castile, Afonso allied himself with the […]

Afonso II of Portugal

Afonso II of Portugal was born on April 23, 1185, to King Sancho I and Queen Dulce of Aragon. The first legitimate son, Afonso, became his father’s heir at birth. In 1139, the prince’s grandfather, Afonso I, established Portugal as an independent kingdom. Although he made strides in securing the new kingdom’s standing, Afonso left behind many unresolved issues. Upon […]

Afonso III of Portugal

Afonso III of Portugal was born on May 5, 1210, in Coimbra, Portugal. As the second son of King Afonso II and Queen Urraca of Castile, the prince wasn’t expected to inherit the throne. Seeking to create a life for himself, Prince Afonso emigrated to France. While abroad, Afonso married Countess Matilda II of Boulogne, becoming the Count of Boulogne. […]

Sancho II of Portugal

Sancho II of Portugal was born on September 8, 1207, in Coimbra, Portugal. The first-born son of King Afonso II and Queen Urraca, Prince Sancho was groomed as his father’s successor from a young age. During his father’s reign, Afonso II focused on increasing the monarchy’s authority. To this end, the king introduced a series of law reforms to centralize […]

Afonso I of Portugal: The Founder King

Afonso I of Portugal was born between 1109/1111 in Guimaraes, Portucale (Portugal). Through his parents, the young nobleman had a prestigious pedigree. Afonso’s father, Henry of Burgundy, descended from the French Capetian dynasty. Afonso’s mother, Teresa, was Emperor Alfonso VI of Leon’s illegitimate daughter. Henry of Burgundy had initially come to Portucale through a family connection. Alfonso’s wife, Queen Constance, […]