Charlemagne: The Father of Europe

Early Rule His kingdom would unite western Europe and end the Dark Ages. Charlemagne was born in 747 as the son of Austrasian King Pepin the Short. At the age of 19, he inherited his deceased father’s territory and jointly ruled it with his brother Carloman. Pepin intended for his sons to cooperate as rulers, but they had an uneasy […]

Blanche of Castile: Mother of a Saint King

Early Life Her support and guidance would help create one of the greatest French kings in history. Blanche was born in Castile on March 4, 1188, to King Alfonso VIII and Queen Eleanor. She descended from Castilian royalty and English royalty through her mother. As part of a marriage arrangement between Castile and France, the young Blanche was betrothed to […]

Henry VI of England: The Incompetent King

Early Life Henry VI was born to be king. Nine months after his birth, Henry’s father, the Lancastrian King Henry V, had passed away from illness fighting in France on August 31, 1422. The infant Prince Henry succeeded him but was not officially crowned king until 1429. Expectations were high for the young king. Before his death, Henry V was […]