French people and events during the European Middle Ages.

Philip I of France: The Lustful King

Philip I was born in 1052 to Capetian King Henry I of France and Queen Anne of Kiev. Upon his birth, Anne chose to name her son Philip, an unusual name in Western Europe at the time. On May 23, 1059, King Henry had his seven-year-old son crowned as co-king in Reims. The early Capetian kings utilized this practice to […]

Louis VIII of France: The Short-Lived King

Louis VIII was born on September 5, 1187 as King Philip II‘s eldest son. Upon his birth, the Capetian dynasty was secured for another generation. As a result, the king could focus his efforts on combating the English. Through inheritance and marriage, Henry II of England controlled both England and western France. Due to this, the king’s Angevin Empire overshadowed […]

The Battle of Bouvines

Sixty years before the Battle of Bouvines, Henry II of England established the Angevin Empire. Through inheritance and marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine, the king brought England and Western France under his control in 1154. Alarmed by this development, Louis VII of France sought to undermine the empire. Although the king spent his reign attempting to, he ultimately proved unsuccessful. […]

The Hundred Years’ War

The Hundred Years’ War originated in 1328 after the death of King Charles IV of France. Since the king died without a male heir, the Capetian dynasty ended with him. In response, a French assembly had to decide who would succeed Charles. Under French Salic law, a female couldn’t inherit the throne. Therefore, the assembly’s decision narrowed down to Philip […]

Louis VI of France: The Fighter King

Louis VI was born around 1081. As the first son of King Philip I, Louis became associated as his heir from an early age. During the late 1090s, the king began to focus more on pleasure-seeking than ruling. As a result, the prince started ruling on his father’s behalf. By the time Philip died in 1108, Louis had become a […]