French people and events during the European Middle Ages.

The Hundred Years’ War

The Hundred Years’ War originated in 1328 after the death of King Charles IV of France. Since the king died without a male heir, the Capetian dynasty ended with him. In response, a French assembly had to decide who would succeed Charles. Under French Salic law, a female couldn’t inherit the throne. Therefore, the assembly’s decision narrowed down to Philip […]

Louis VI of France: The Fighter King

Louis VI was born around 1081. As the first son of King Philip I, Louis became associated as his heir from an early age. During the late 1090s, the king began to focus more on pleasure-seeking than ruling. As a result, the prince started ruling on his father’s behalf. By the time Philip died in 1108, Louis had become a […]

Louis VII of France: The Unfortunate King

Louis VII was born around 1120 as the son of King Louis VI of France. As the king’s second son, Prince Louis was initially destined for a church career. However, after his elder brother, Philip, died in 1131, Louis became his father’s new heir. Before Louis VI’s death in 1137, the king had his son marry the wealthy heiress Eleanor […]

The Third Crusade (1187-1192)

The Third Crusade originated in 1187. During 1187, the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem was surrounded. Muslim forces, led by the formidable Saladin, started closing in on the Christian crusaders. On July 4, Saladin’s army engaged in the Battle of Hattin with the crusaders. During the battle, 20-40,000 Muslim soldiers fought against 18-20,000 Christians. Due to their superior numbers, the Muslims […]

Charles V of France: The Wise King

Charles V was born on January 21, 1338 in Vincennes, France. In 1349, Charles’ father, King John II, purchased the region of Dauphine for his young son. Located on France’s southern border, the prince became known as the dauphin. As a result, a new royal tradition had begun. Subsequent heirs to the French throne would also be called dauphin until […]