English people and events during the European Middle Ages.

The Battle of Agincourt

The Battle of Agincourt originated in 1328. On February 1, 1328, King Charles IV of France died without an heir. Upon his death, a French assembly formed to appoint a male successor. The two candidates with the strongest claims were Edward III of England, who was the son of Charles’s sister, and Philip, Charles’s paternal cousin. Ultimately, the assembly chose […]

Henry II of England

His desire for control would cause his downfall. Henry II of England was born during 1133 in Le Mans, France. His father, Geoffrey Plantagenet, was the count of Anjou, Maine, and Touraine. His mother, Matilda, was the daughter of King Henry I of England. Matilda instilled in her son the belief that he was destined to inherit the English throne. […]

Thomas Becket

His defiance against the monarchy would end in tragedy. Thomas Becket was born in London in 1118. His father, Gilbert Becket, was a London merchant. Through his father, Thomas would meet the powerful Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury. Theobald was impressed with Thomas’s work ethic and took the young man under his wing. The archbishop would serve as a mentor to […]

Henry V of England

Henry V of England would become one of England’s greatest kings. He was born Henry of Monmouth on September 16, 1386. His father, Henry Bolingbroke, was a member of England’s royal family, the Plantagenets. As a descendant of the third son of King Edward III, Henry of Monmouth stood little chance of ever becoming king. However, young Henry’s life would […]

Eleanor of Aquitaine

She held many titles throughout her long life. Eleanor of Aquitaine was born in the duchy of Aquitaine, France, in 1122. Her father, William X, was the Duke of Aquitaine and the Count of Poitiers. Through these titles, William controlled vast estates and possessed immense political power. A cultured man, William ensured that his daughter was well educated. Under her […]