English people and events during the European Middle Ages.

Jasper Tudor: Part Two

Continues From Jasper Tudor: Part One After the death of his brother, Edmund, on November 2, 1456, Jasper Tudor, the Earl of Pembroke, fully devoted himself to the Lancastrian cause. Although he initially sympathized with the Yorkists, Jasper became a strong supporter of the Lancastrian King, Henry VI. Before he began rallying support for his half-brother, Jasper ensured that his […]

Catherine of Valois

Catherine of Valois was born on October 27, 1401, in Paris, France, to King Charles VI and Queen Isabella. At the time of her birth, the royal Valois family was split between two factions that vied for power: the Armagnacs and the Burgundians. The power struggle had begun a decade prior as the king began to show signs of madness. […]

Jasper Tudor: Part One

Jasper Tudor was born in November 1431 as the second son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois. His father, Owen, was a Welshman of modest standing, while his mother, Catherine, was the daughter of King Charles VI of France. Catherine had initially been married to King Henry V of England before his death on August 31, 1422. The dowager […]

Edmund Tudor

Edmund Tudor was born on June 11, 1430, to Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois. Catherine had formerly been King Henry V‘s wife before his death on August 31, 1422, during the Hundred Years’ War. However, the king left behind an infant son, Henry VI, to continue the English Lancastrian dynasty. Although the former queen initially looked after her son, […]

The House of York: Part Three

Continued From The House of York: Part Two On July 6, 1483, the house of York produced its third king: Richard III. Due to the king’s controversial seizing of the throne from his nephew, Edward V, he didn’t enjoy universal support in England. To boost his support, Richard appointed certain nobles to positions of power throughout the kingdom. However, he […]