Afonso III of Portugal

Afonso III of Portugal was born on May 5, 1210, in Coimbra, Portugal. As the second son of King Afonso II and Queen Urraca of Castile, the prince wasn’t expected to inherit the throne. Seeking to create a life for himself, Prince Afonso emigrated to France. While abroad, Afonso married Countess Matilda II of Boulogne, becoming the Count of Boulogne. […]

Sancho II of Portugal

Sancho II of Portugal was born on September 8, 1207, in Coimbra, Portugal. The first-born son of King Afonso II and Queen Urraca, Prince Sancho was groomed as his father’s successor from a young age. During his father’s reign, Afonso II focused on increasing the monarchy’s authority. To this end, the king introduced a series of law reforms to centralize […]