Alfonso X of Castile: The Cultured King

Alfonso X of Castile was born on November 23, 1221, in Burgos, Castile. At the age of 9, the prince’s father, King Ferdinand III, inherited the crown of Leon from his father, Alfonso IX. Since he already ruled Castile, Ferdinand combined both crowns to expand his kingdom, becoming the King of Castile and Leon. As a warrior ruler, Ferdinand fought […]

Piero de’ Medici: The Underestimated Ruler

Piero de’ Medici was born around 1416 in Florence, Italy. The eldest son of Cosimo de’ Medici, Piero was groomed from a young age to become a banker. Before his birth, Cosimo had worked with his father, Giovanni, to expand the Italian Medici bank into several European branches. Due to Cosimo’s cunning and business savvy, the Medici bank became the […]