Piero de’ Medici: The Unfortunate Ruler

Piero de’ Medici was born on February 15, 1472, in Florence, Tuscany, Italy, to Lorenzo de’ Medici. At the time of his birth, Piero’s father and uncle, Giuliano, jointly ruled Florence. Although outwardly a republic, both men controlled the city behind the scenes. Piero’s great-grandfather, Cosimo de’ Medici, used his banking wealth to become the unofficial Lord of Florence in […]

Charles VIII of France: The Foolish King

Charles VIII of France was born on June 30, 1470, in Amboise, France. The only surviving son of King Louis XI, Charles became his heir at birth. As the prince grew, he experienced bad health and proved to be a poor student. To add to his misfortune, Charles inherited his father’s ugly features. However, unlike Louis, the prince had an […]