The Battle of Crecy

The Battle of Crecy originated on February 1, 1328, with King Charles IV of France’s death. Since the king died without leaving behind a son, the Capetian dynasty ended. As a result, the question of succession arose amongst the French. After much debate, the succession came down to Philip of Valois and King Edward III of England. Philip of Valois […]

Charles IV: The Diplomatic Emperor

Emperor Charles IV was born on May 14, 1316 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Originally named Wenceslas, the young boy was born into Bohemian royalty. His father, John of Luxembourg, was the king of Bohemia. Wenceslas’ mother, Elizabeth, was a member of Bohemia’s former ruling family: the Premsylid. The Premsylid dynasty had ruled Bohemia since the 9th century. After the death of […]

Otto II: The Capable Emperor

Emperor Otto II was born around 955. The only surviving son of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and his second wife, Adelaide, Prince Otto became his father’s heir at a young age. During his reign, Otto I successfully consolidated his power over the empire. To ensure the succession, Otto had his son crowned co-king of Germany and Italy in 961 […]

Philip I of France: The Lustful King

Philip I of France was born in 1052 to Capetian King Henry I of France and Queen Anne of Kiev. Upon his birth, Anne chose to name her son Philip, an unusual name in Western Europe at the time. On May 23, 1059, King Henry had his seven-year-old son crowned as co-king in Reims. The early Capetian kings utilized this […]