Matilda: The Lady of the English

Matilda was born during 1102 in London, England. The first of King Henry I‘s two legitimate children, the young princess served as an important diplomatic tool for her father. Concerned with Normandy’s security, Henry arranged Matilda’s marriage to Holy Roman Emperor Henry V as an alliance against France. In 1114, the 12-year-old married the emperor and began her new life […]

David I of Scotland: The Fortunate King

David I of Scotland was born around 1082 to King Malcolm III of Scotland and Queen Margaret. In 1093, he and his older siblings fled to England after their parent’s deaths. The young prince’s fortunes began to change after his sister, Edith, married King Henry I of England. The English king became fond of David and gave him many opportunities […]

Otto I: The Great Emperor

Emperor Otto I was born on November 23, 912, to Duke Henry of Saxony and his wife, Matilda. In 919, his father became the king of Germany. While in his late teens, Otto married the English king’s daughter, Edith, in 930. As Henry lay dying in 936, he chose his first-born son as his successor. After his death, Otto became […]

John I of Portugal: The Illegitimate King

John I of Portugal was born on April 11, 1357, to King Peter I of Portugal and his mistress, Teresa Lourenco. As an illegitimate son, John wasn’t intended to inherit the throne. Instead, Peter appointed the 6-year-old as the master of the Order of Aviz, a military organization. In 1367, Peter died, and his legitimate son, Ferdinand I, succeeded him. […]